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Barcelona Nightlife
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Stay safe in Barcelona at night

Stay Safe in Barcelona at Night

While Barcelona on the whole is a very safe city, smaller crimes such as pick pocketing and bag snatching are common place.

It's often said that if you speak to ten visitors to Barcelona, six of them would tell of experiences of minor crime.

Generally day or night you need to be aware of your surroundings to minimise the chances that you'll be a victim. If you look like a tourist and you show easy access to pockets, bags and cameras you'll be targeted by those looking to snatch.

After dark, some areas of Barcelona such as Las Ramblas can be a haven for pick pockets and prostitutes. They're aware that between 1 and 5am there will be a steady stream of tourists who are likely easy targets as most will be far from sober. So, again be aware of your surroundings and stay alert, though this is easier said than done if you've been drinking solid for many hours.

If you can, always walk in well lit, populated and open areas. Try to stay away from dark, narrow alleys even if it means you will be walking a little further than intended.

You can take advantage of our Barcelona Nightlife Packages and be escorted to a selection of bars and clubs. If you are able to party till closing at 6am you will be able to re-use the metro system which would of re-opened for the day. Failing that in the mid early hours you may need to rely on Taxi services which are usually heavily outnumbered by clubbers with long queues at taxi ranks around Port Olympic.

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